Meet Our Team

Aubrey Cordray

DVM, Practice Owner

Hi, I’m Dr. Aubrey! I have worked at Humboldt Vet Clinic since graduating from vet school. At the time, Dr. Jim Illg owned the practice and was an amazing mentor. In November 2017, I purchased the practice from him. I consider myself a local and really have never strayed too far from home. From growing up in Havelock, IA to going to Buena Vista University for pre-vet and then getting my doctorate from ISU, I ended up in Humboldt to start practicing! I truly love the community and consider myself very lucky to know so many wonderful people and to have fantastic clients and patients. I am also a part of¬†IVMA, AAEP, AABP, ATEA, AVC, ISU VMAA, and a Humboldt Community Animal Shelter Board Member.

I’m a classic case of “I have always wanted to be a veterinarian” since I was a kid! I seized every opportunity to spend time with a vet and never really had a back-up plan. Thankfully everything worked out! I like the fact that every day is different in the veterinary world and no two days are alike. Who wouldn’t love a job that allows you to snuggle with puppies and kittens?

My husband, Kevin, works as the office manager at our clinic. We have one son, Hayes, and one daughter, Collins, who is a recent addition to our family! You will often find both hanging out at the clinic while I help a sick puppy or work on patient records. Our indoor pets include a dalmatian (Weather), three cats (Winnie, Willa, and Roo), two outdoor cats (Fuzz and Spice), two horses (Gypsy and Ginger), and a small herd of angus cows.

Outside of the clinic, my #1 pasttime is spending time with my husband and kids. We love being outside and going camping or going on walks with Weather. I also enjoy reading and riding my horses, shooting some hoops, and cheering on my Cyclones!

Renee Bertram


Hello, I am Dr. Renee and started in Humboldt around May 2018. I am originally from Algona, IA and received my degree at ISU.

My inspiration for working in veterinary medicine started on a farm where my dad had a cattle herd and I always enjoyed working with animals. My mom was a nurse and inspired me to love medicine, thus combining my two passions.

My favorite thing about working with animals is seeing the human-animal bond every day. It means so much to me and it is so wonderful to see all our of our clients and patients, especially when I get the chance to help an animal have a better life.

My husband and I have one daughter as well as two dogs, Lola and Cash! Outside of work, you’ll find me outside, playing with my daughter, Violet, fishing, kayaking, and gardening. I also enjoy teaching the community about animals, especially animals in agriculture.

Tracy Lindquist


Hello, I’m Dr. Tracy and am a veterinarian at Humboldt Vet. I am originally from Rutland, IA and went to the Univeristy of Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!) and Iowa State University. I fell in love with veterinary medicine in college while working at a veterinary hospital. I realized becoming a veterinarian would combine my love of animals and passion for science/medicine. My favorite thing about working with animals is the daily variety veterinary medicine provides; I get to be a dentist, radiologist, and surgeon almost every day! I knew I was in the right profession shortly in my first year of practice when I had the opportunity to help a visually impaired man’s guide dog overcome a problematic dietary issue.

My family consists of my husband, three children, and our Old English sheepdog, Gertie. I enjoy spending time with them as well as reading, trying new foods, and enjoying time outside.

James Illg


I’m Dr. Illg and I have been with the practice since 1983 as the former owner. I grew up north of Humboldt and came to the practice when the long-time vet of Humboldt, Sam Linn, retired and gave me his practice.

Aside from growing up on a farm, my dad liked veterinarians and thought it would be a good job. That lead me to becoming certified in veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, and muscle testing.

My family includes my wife, two daughters, two son-in-laws, six grandchildren, and two grand dogs (Indie and Copper). Outside of work, you’ll find me riding my bicycle and am a Lion Club member.

Leigh Meyer


Hi, I’m Dr. Meyer and I started at Humboldt Vet in December 2016. I grew up on a farm and was hooked on animal medicine after my first sow C-section (pug kisses are a bonus). After working at other clinics for many years, I took time away from the profession to relocate. I found that I needed to work in a veterinary clinic to be happy again in this field. My veterinary interests include soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery, and dentistry.

My family includes my husband, Brent, my children (Garrett, Caden, and April), three dogs (Maxwell, Spooks, and Harry) and our ginger cats (Cosmo, Toothless, and Ron Weasley). Outside of work you will find me crafting and helping be a 4-H leader, County Youth Development, and Athletic Booster Secretary. I also enjoy golfing, coaching youth sports, and gardening.

Kevin Cordray

Business Manager

I’m Kevin and am the business manager here at Humboldt Vet. Dr. Aubrey is my wife and we moved here when she graduated from vet school. I spent 8 years as a manager for a farm equipment manufacturer before coming to work at the clinic. You’ll also find me on the Humboldt County Fair board and Vice President of the Humboldt County Cattlemen’s Association.

Our family also includes our children (Hayes and Collins), our dog (Weather), our cats (Winnie, Willa, Roo, Fuzz, and Spice), our horses (Gypsy and Ginger), and our cow herd. We love spending time outdoors as a family and working around our little farm.

Taylor Licht

Administrative Assistant

Hello, my name is Taylor and I have been at Humboldt Veterinary Clinic since August 2019. I am originally from Duncombe and currently live in Clare.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm raising and showing animals. They have always been apart of my life and can’t imagine it any other way. I grew up showing cattle, sheep, and horses in 4-H, FFA, and IPHA, along with many open shows. Now I get to come to work and be surrounded by animals every day along with a wonderful group co-workers who cherish the love of animals, too.

My family consists of my husband, Danny, and our two dogs (Chief and Calvin). My personal interest are being outside hanging out with friends and family, riding the motorcycle, and taking my dogs for walks.

Michaela Wendel

Veterinary Technician

My name is Michaela and I have been at Humboldt Veterinary Clinic since January 2018. I was born and raised on a farm around Lu Verne and went to DMACC for Ag Business Animal Science and Iowa Lakes Community College for my Veterinary Technician associate’s degree.

Growing up, I was around farm animals like cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, and cats. When I was 12, my brother had a show heifer and were surprised to discover that she was pregnant. We tried to abort because she was too young but she ended up having a bull calf. We fought hard to keep that calf alive and he made it! That moment on made me want to pursue animal medicine. I knew I was in the right profession when I enjoyed coming to work with amazing people who love what they do.

I am married and live with our 4 legged babies, Jasmine (black lab) and Tyson (boxer). In my personal time, I enjoy cooking, biking, and spending time with family and friends.

Kelsey Soukup

Veterinary Technician

Hello, my name is Kelsey and I have been at Humboldt Veterinary Clinic since August 2018. Originally, I am from a small town of Rolfe but currently reside in Gilmore City. I officially began working in the veterinary industry in 2018 and am beef quality assurance certified.

My favorite thing about it is the love and appreciation they give back for something as simple as a belly scratch or a pet on the head. Animals have always had a special place in my heart! I was lucky enough to have pets growing up and knew from a young age that helping and caring for animals was something I was meant to do! I knew I was in the right profession when waking up for work was no longer a chore and I am surrounded by an amazing team who love animals as much as I do.

My family consists of my awesome husband, Cody, our two dogs (Tessie Louise, Copper Joseph, and Darby Jean), one crazy kitten (Remington Riot), and one horse (Katniss). My personal interests include barrel racing, fishing, photography, and hanging out with family and friends!

Jaci Applegate

Veterinary Technician

Hi, I’m Jaci and I have been with Humboldt Veterinary Clinic since March 2014 and have always had a passion for helping animals. My favorite thing about the industry is learning everything about the patients. Seeing shelter dogs come out of their shells after being adopted is when I knew I was in the right profession.

My family consists of my husband, Ben, and seven dogs (Moose, Mofis, Goo, Boo, Minnie, Tootsie, and Leo) and two cats (Linus and Lou). I like walking my dogs and am an animal caretaker at Almost Home.

Bailey Walrod

Veterinary Technician

Hi, I’m Bailey and I’ve been with Humboldt Vet Clinic since September of 2019. I am originally from Moorland but currently live in Humboldt with my sister and her dog, Molly. Living on the farm and growing up with and working with animals has always been a big part of my life.

Through 4-H, FFA, and breed organizations, I have been very active in Limousin cattle and Boer goats at various levels. Along with livestock, my family raises Australian Shepherds.

My family consists of my parents (Bruce and Amy), my sister (Katie), and brother (Carson). We have six Aussies (Stewart, Bella, Jadda, Molly, Sawyer, and Sophie). They are so much fun!

Julie Jorgenson

Kennel Attendant

My name is Julie and I have been a kennel attendant at Humboldt Vet for over 10 years. I originally worked in retail and retail management and worked extensively in merchandising and customer service. After running my own woodworking business using rescued barnwood, I then started a quilt group to raise money for the Havanese Rescue (we are going on 11 years!).

I started working with Dr. Illg and was immediately drawn to his caring and gentle way with our dog. I’ve had a passion for animals my entire life, especially since I grew up on a farm and was exposed to many different animals. Though I wanted to be a vet my entire life, this is as close as I will get and have enjoyed it.

My family includes my husband (Troy), three children (Benjamin, Lacy, and Robbie), and two dogs (Quincy and Nene). Outside of the clinic, I enjoy gardening, home improvement, woodworking, and fabric crafts (crochet, sewing, and quilting). Inspired by my yougest son, Robbie, I am an advocate for special needs and autism awareness.

Kelli Jarvis

Kennel Attendant

I’m Kelli and I am a Kennel Attendant here at Humboldt Vet. I started in the veterinary industry about a year ago and have always loved animals!

My family consists of my husband, Steve, my son, Logan, and four dogs (Taylor, Skylar, Bailey, and Jasmine), and four cats (Shawdow, Kallie, and Harley). I love spending time with my pets and going to the lake in the summer.